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Here are some examples of the many student workshops offered daily from past years. Workshops are subject to change. 

Vocal Workshops

  • "Key Concepts for a Fabulous Voice"

  • "Finding the Magic in Your Voice"

  • "The Voice" -SCA Style

  • Microphone Tips & Techniques

  • Introduction to Sight Singing

  • Stage Presence of the Solo Singer

  • Pop and Vocal Jazz Techniques

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 1.12.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 1.05.35 PM.png

Dance Workshops

  • Tricks and Lifts

  • Hip Hop

  • Partner Dancing

  • "So You Want to Get Funky"

  • Training Effective Dance Captains

  • Contemporary Dance

  • Dance Style Techniques

  • Beginner's Dance/Choreography

  • Tap

Performance, Motivational, & Education 

  • Team-Building Games

  • Songwriting

  • Entertainment Careers and Networking Skills

  • Mashups, Loops, and Covers: What NOT To Do

  • "College Bound: Things You Should Know!"

  • The Art of Auditioning

  • "We Need New Heroes!"

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